Can You Bring a Kindle Into the Sauna? Understanding the Risks

Can You Bring a Kindle Into the Sauna? Understanding the Risks

For many, the relaxing environment of a sauna is the perfect quiet spot to catch up on some reading. However, if you're thinking about bringing your Kindle or any electronic reader into the sauna, there are several considerations to take into account. This article will explore whether it's safe to bring a Kindle into the sauna, the potential risks involved, and provide safer alternatives to enjoy reading without risking your device.

The Impact of Sauna Conditions on Electronic Devices

Saunas, whether traditional or infrared, operate at high temperatures and often have elevated levels of humidity, especially if they are steam saunas. These conditions can be harsh on electronic devices for several reasons:

1. Heat Sensitivity

Electronic devices, like Kindles, are generally designed to operate within specific temperature ranges. Most manufacturers recommend avoiding exposure to temperatures above about 35°C (95°F), while sauna temperatures can easily exceed 70°C (158°F). Such heat can damage the internal components of a Kindle, potentially leading to battery or screen damage and even total device failure.

2. Humidity and Moisture Damage

High humidity levels can also be detrimental to electronic devices. Moisture can seep into the device, damaging the internal circuits and leading to permanent damage. Even if a Kindle is turned off, the moisture in a sauna can condense inside the device, which might not be immediately noticeable but can cause long-term issues.

Risks of Bringing a Kindle Into the Sauna

  • Battery Damage: Heat can cause the battery to degrade faster or even swell.
  • Screen Issues: E-ink screens used in Kindles are particularly sensitive to heat, which can lead to blackened or distorted areas on the screen.
  • Voided Warranty: Most warranties on electronic devices do not cover damage due to exposure to extreme conditions, such as high temperatures and moisture.

Safer Alternatives to Using a Kindle in the Sauna

1. Use Waterproof Cases

If you must bring an electronic device into a sauna, ensure it is sealed in a waterproof, heat-resistant case. While this doesn’t completely eliminate the risk, it can provide a layer of protection against humidity.

2. Pre-Download Audio Content

Consider switching to audiobooks or podcasts before entering the sauna. You can listen to your content on a waterproof MP3 player or a mobile device kept outside the sauna, using a Bluetooth speaker that is designed for high-temperature environments.

3. Traditional Books

Perhaps the safest and most straightforward alternative is to use traditional paper books. Paper does not react adversely to the sauna’s heat and humidity in the short term, making it a reliable option for sauna reading.

4. Post-Sauna Reading

Plan your relaxation time so that your sauna session is followed by a cooling-off period where you can enjoy reading on your Kindle safely. This way, you get the best of both worlds without risking your device.


Bringing a Kindle into a sauna poses significant risks to the device due to high temperatures and humidity. It is advisable to look for alternative ways to enjoy reading while in the sauna. By considering other options such as waterproof cases, audiobooks, or traditional paper books, you can preserve the condition of your Kindle and still enjoy your sauna experience to the fullest. Remember, the key to technology use in extreme environments is caution and preparation.

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