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Premium saunas at affordable prices. All saunas include free delivery & installation by our skilled technicians.

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Key benefits

Embrace the heat & thrive

  • Stress Relief

    Feel the stress melt away as the deep sweat soothes your muscles and calms your mind.

  • Detoxification

    Infrared Saunas match the frequency of the water in our cells, helping your body expel toxins and impurities.

  • Better Sleep

    Use your sauna before bedtime to relax the body and improve sleep quality, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Skin Health

    Elevated perspiration helps improve skin tone, texture, and elasticity by promoting collagen production and cleansing pores.

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Infrared vs Traditional Sauna?

Lower temperature, same impact

Infrared saunas use infrared heaters to directly warm your body, rather than heating the air around you like traditional saunas. As a result, they operate at lower temperatures (usually around 120-150°F or 49-66°C), making them more comfortable for people who can't tolerate the intense heat of traditional saunas (typically 170-200°F or 77-93°C).

Improved detoxification

Infrared saunas are believed to aid in detoxification by promoting deeper sweating. The lower temperatures make it easier for individuals to stay in the sauna longer, leading to increased perspiration, which can help rid the body of toxins and heavy metals.

Enhanced circulation

Infrared heat penetrates deeper into the body's tissues, promoting improved blood circulation and cardiovascular benefits. This can be especially advantageous for individuals with circulatory issues or those seeking to improve their cardiovascular health.

Greater relaxation

Both types of saunas offer relaxation benefits, but some people find infrared saunas more relaxing due to the lower temperatures. The gentle, radiant heat can help reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and promote a sense of calm and well-being.


Our most popular sauna

  • Canadian Hemlock wood

    Experience the ultimate relaxation with our sauna made from high-quality Canadian Hemlock wood.

  • Cost Effective

    Our cost-effective sauna runs at an average cost of only 0.61c per hour.

  • Carbon FAR Infrared

    Evenly distributes heat to a large area resulting in deeper penetration and better detoxification.

  • Internal Audio

    Create the perfect ambiance with your favorite music via easy bluetooth connectivity.

  • Plug-in setup

    Simply plug in our standard domestic 10A plug for instant use.

  • Compact Design

    Fits perfectly in smaller spaces without compromising any benefits.

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Questions & Answers

Where do you deliver?

We deliver and install your sauna for free within 40km of Perth metro and Melbourne metro. We can take special requests, sometimes at an extra cost depending on the distance. 

We will be in touch to arrange delivery after you have purchased. The normal turnaround time is 5 days from purchase to have the sauna fully installed.

What size sauna should I get?

This really depends on where you're putting it and how you're using your sauna. We've found the two-person sauna to suit most cases.

How do I install my Nook sauna?

We will install your Nook sauna for you. All you need is a standard 10amp plug and somewhere undercover or inside to put it.

Can I put the sauna outdoors?

The sauna needs to be out of the elements, so if it's a well protected space outside, where the sauna will not get wet, then that is ok.

Sauna Rental

Try a Nook before you buy.

We've teamed up with Rent a Sauna so that you can try before you buy.

Trial from $59/week

Simple pricing. Free delivery and installation. No hidden fees.

1 month lease: $99/week.
3 month lease: $79/week.
6 month lease: $59/week.

Love it and don’t want to give it back? You have the option to buy your sauna at the end of your lease.

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