How Long Can a Phone Be in a Sauna? Understanding the Risks

How Long Can a Phone Be in a Sauna? Understanding the Risks

Bringing your phone into a sauna might seem like a good idea, especially if you want to stay connected or listen to music during your relaxation session. However, exposing electronic devices like smartphones to the high temperatures and humidity found in saunas can pose significant risks. This article will explore how long a phone can safely be in a sauna and the potential consequences of exceeding this time, providing essential insights for those looking to combine technology with traditional wellness practices.

The Impact of Sauna Conditions on Smartphones

Heat Exposure

Saunas typically operate at high temperatures, ranging from 70°C to 100°C (158°F to 212°F) in traditional steam saunas and approximately 50°C to 60°C (122°F to 140°F) in infrared saunas. Most smartphones are designed to operate safely at temperatures up to 35°C (95°F). Beyond this, you risk overheating the device, which can lead to battery damage, reduced performance, and in extreme cases, cause the battery to swell or even explode.

Humidity and Moisture

In addition to heat, high humidity levels in traditional steam saunas can introduce moisture into your phone, potentially damaging its internal components. While many modern smartphones come with some degree of water resistance, the combination of heat and humidity found in a sauna can degrade these protective measures over time.

How Long Can You Safely Keep a Phone in a Sauna?

Given the potential risks, it's advisable to minimize or completely avoid bringing your phone into a sauna. If you must have your phone with you, limit the exposure as much as possible:

  • Traditional Sauna: No more than 5-10 minutes, keeping in mind that the risk increases significantly with time as the device heats up.
  • Infrared Sauna: Slightly longer periods might be tolerable due to lower temperatures, but keeping exposure under 10 minutes is still wise to avoid damage.

Safer Alternatives to Using Your Phone in a Sauna

Use a Sauna Clock or Timer

Instead of using your phone to keep track of time, consider using a sauna-specific clock or timer that can handle the heat.

Bluetooth and Built-in Audio Systems

For those who want to listen to music or podcasts in the sauna, consider using a sauna equipped with a built-in audio system and Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to control your audio content without exposing your phone to harsh conditions.

Leave Devices Outside

To fully enjoy the health benefits of a sauna without distractions or concerns over damaging your electronics, leave your phone outside. This not only preserves your device but also enhances your relaxation and detoxification experience.


While it might be tempting to bring your smartphone into the sauna for entertainment or communication, the risks associated with high temperatures and humidity make this a dangerous practice. To protect the longevity and functionality of your phone, it's best to limit its exposure to sauna conditions or avoid it altogether. Instead, leverage alternative options like built-in audio systems or external timers to enhance your sauna experience without compromising the safety of your electronic devices. Remember, the primary purpose of a sauna session is to relax and detoxify—disconnecting from your phone can be a significant part of achieving that tranquility.

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