Using AirPods in an Infrared Sauna: Is It Safe?

Using AirPods in an Infrared Sauna: Is It Safe?

Enjoying your favorite tunes or a calming podcast in the sauna can significantly enhance your relaxation and sauna experience. However, the question arises: is it safe or effective to use AirPods in an infrared sauna? While the idea might seem appealing, there are practical concerns with using AirPods in the high temperatures of a sauna. Luckily, Nook Saunas provides a perfect alternative with their built-in Bluetooth speakers. Let's explore why using these features is a better choice than risking your AirPods in the sauna environment.

The Risks of Using AirPods in a Sauna

Heat and Electronics Don't Mix

The primary concern with using AirPods, or any electronic device, in a sauna is the heat. Infrared saunas can reach temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius. AirPods and similar devices are generally not designed to withstand such high temperatures. Exposure to heat can damage the battery, reduce the device's lifespan, and potentially cause the plastic components to warp or melt.

Moisture Concerns

Despite infrared saunas not producing steam like traditional saunas, they still encourage heavy sweating. Moisture can be detrimental to AirPods, which are not waterproof and only offer limited sweat resistance. This exposure can lead to malfunctioning or permanent damage to your earbuds.

Nook Saunas’ Built-In Bluetooth Solution

Understanding the limitations and risks associated with using personal electronic devices like AirPods in saunas, Nook Saunas has innovatively integrated Bluetooth connectivity with high-quality built-in speakers into their sauna designs. This feature offers several advantages:

Safety and Durability

By utilizing the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you avoid the risk of damaging your personal devices. The sauna’s audio system is specifically designed to withstand the sauna’s temperature and humidity levels, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Enhanced Audio Experience

Nook Saunas' built-in speakers are strategically placed for optimal sound distribution, providing a richer and more immersive listening experience than what you might achieve with AirPods. Whether you're listening to relaxing music or an engaging audiobook, the sound quality is designed to complement the sauna experience.

Convenience and Connectivity

Connecting your mobile device or tablet to the sauna’s speakers via Bluetooth is straightforward, allowing you to control your audio safely from outside the sauna. This setup means you can keep your device in a cooler, safer environment while you enjoy uninterrupted audio inside the sauna.

Focus on Relaxation

Without the worry of damaging valuable personal items like AirPods, you can fully relax and immerse in the therapeutic benefits of your infrared sauna session. This peace of mind is integral to achieving the stress relief and wellness benefits saunas are known for.


While using AirPods in an infrared sauna might initially seem like a good idea, the practical risks associated with heat and moisture exposure make it less advisable. Nook Saunas provides a superior alternative with their built-in Bluetooth speakers, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite audio content safely and in high quality. Opt for a Nook Sauna and experience the best in sauna technology and relaxation without compromising on your entertainment and comfort.

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